Well Drilling Services in Hawaii

Hawaii possesses variation in terrain and sediment, such as clay, stone, basalt and more. Each property and situation has its own unique geographical characteristics, and the depth necessary to achieve ideal results often differs. Over the years, we have encountered almost every type of challenge that drilling in Hawaii can present. These experiences have equipped us with solutions and strategies to challenges that the land has to offer.

We have been providing Hawaii with solutions to obtaining water from the ground up.  Our well drilling services include:
drilling services available
The process

Well Drilling Process 101

After thorough planning on the project, which may include an engineer, we proceed to drill bores into the ground. The depth of the hole varies each time, usually depending on the scope of the project. The drill goes deep enough to allow water from the water table to come through to the surface. The metal casing at the upper part prevents the borehole from collapsing and prevents unwanted debris from entering.
Once we reach the water, we test it to determine the water yield. When the well yields an acceptable volume, we begin construction of the well walls. Furthermore, we use the highest quality materials to form the walls to ensure the strength and durability of the final product.
Maintenance and repair

Water Well Maintenance & Repair

Equally important, periodic scheduled inspections are key to ensuring optimum productivity of your well. As it ages, the well’s performance will start to decline. This may be caused by numerous variables, such as tree roots, debris, cracks, and drought.
Some signs that your well isn’t performing optimally anymore include:
• Decreased pump rate
• Decreased water level
• Murkiness in water
If you begin to notice any of these symptoms, call us today at Derrick’s Well Drilling & Pump Services, so we can get to work in bringing your well back to optimal performance.
Maintenance and repair
Other well drilling services

Other Well Drilling Services

Aside from well and pump installation, we also offer the following services:
Down Hole Video Service
A video goes down the well and allows us to see the condition of the well.  Thus, we can determine if your well is performing adequately or if it needs any repairs or maintenance.
Well Testing 
Additionally, the state requires well testing for every permit submitted for a pump installation. By state regulations, pumps must meet regulations to ensure no harm to the aquifer, the pump itself is adequate, and the well is recovering adequately. We gather the data, submit it to the state, and make sure that everything is satisfactory with all parties.
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