Residential Well Drilling Planning in Hawaii

When you are in the market for a piece of land to purchase in Hawaii, one main thing to consider is the water source. Each county in the state has large rural areas where there is no utility water system. Creating your own water well is often your best long term option. However, residential well drilling and installing a water well is a very involved process. The major steps and factors to consider are:
• Identifying a viable source
• Proper tools and equipment
• Obtaining the proper permits from the State of Hawaii
• Size of the well
• Flow rate
At Derrick’s Well Drilling & Pump Services, you are not alone in the process. Aside from obtaining the necessary paperwork, we also determine the elevation levels of your property that will help us establish the best location to drill and install your well. Projects like this are large and extensive, but we will guide you through the entire process.
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Considerations For Residential Well Drilling

Here are a few items to consider when we begin your residential well drilling project:
Leach Field Location
A septic system comes with a leach field, which allows water waste to seep back into the ground. When planning for the well, the location of the leach field is crucial. If the two are right next to each other, there is a greater chance of contamination of the well water by the bacteria in the waste water.
Water Flow Direction
You should also consider the direction of the flow of ground water, leach field drainage, and water in the aquifer. Water tends to flow deep into the layers of rocks. When it flows up from deep in the layers, it may pick up contaminants along the way. To prevent contamination of your well water, place your wells high up on your property.
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