Commercial Well Drilling in Hawaii

While residential well drilling is in higher demand, commercial well drilling is a larger part of our business. We serve commercial landowners to fulfill irrigation, water treatment, and hydro-fracturing needs. The level of expertise for these projects requires extensive knowledge in regulation codes and advanced drilling techniques and methods.

As a locally owned and operated company, we have the advantage. Although each island has different topographies, Derrick’s Well Drilling & Pump Services has the experience and knowledge to work with the different terrains across the state of Hawaii. In addition, we are able to handle the challenges we could face by dealing with conditions such as lava tubes, blue rock, cinders, and ash.
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Commercial Well Drilling We Specialize In:

Exploratory Wells:
These well projects are vital to the water exploration and extraction processes. Drilling small holes to gather samples allows us to assess the quality of water before continuing with the full-scale drilling process.
Injection Wells:
Commercial companies whose production comes with effluent waste can use injection wells to dispose of them. Disposing of wastewater with high salt content is a common application for injection wells.
Irrigation Wells:
Perfect for commercial businesses requiring large volumes of water to sustain farmland or golf courses. These are also ideal for residential homes looking to water their lawns and decreasing their water bill utility company.
Production Wells:
These are ideal for commercial and industrial settings. A main application of the production wells is to retrieve water from aquifers.
The right well depends on your business needs, such as how much water you need to yield or store. Not all systems are identical; therefore, attention to the individual client needs is critical. Our team works closely with the engineers on drilling locations and system designs. We have done numerous installations for municipalities, government agencies, farms, and golf courses.  We also do assessments on new or existing water lines and taps for water utility companies.
When you work with Derrick’s Well Drilling & Pump Services, you can be assured that your projects will be completed on time, on budget, and that great attention to detail will be exercised.
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